LOG IN ISSUE - http://mywebsite.local/my-account__trashed/lost-password/

I tried to relog in after the site dced when I was editing. I couldn’t log in and thus had to go down the route to reset my password. The below result from trying to log into WP using local.


404: Page Not Found

Sorry, we couldn’t find a page at this URL
Please double-check that the URL is correct or try searching our site with the form below.

@arti, have you moved or hidden the default login to the site (/wp-admin)?

my-account is usually a secondary login path via eCommerce or Membership plugins.

Hopefully you can still get to http://mywebsite.local/wp-admin and reset your password there. Keep in mind that Local sites can’t send mail but we can view the mail sent from the site by going to the Local site dashboard > Utilities > “Open Mailhog” where there is a catch-all mailbox to see the password reset message.

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