Log in Issue - .local/my-account__trashed/lost-password/

Can someone please help me as I got disconnected when I was editing my local site.
I recently updated and deleted a theme, as I was editing I got dced from the system and cant log in. then tried to reset the password and received that error message


Hey @arti! Welcome to the Local Community, we’re stoked to have you.

We’ll do our best to try to help get you hooked up again. You said “that error message” but we’re not sure what message that is. It looks like you’ve sent over the URL for your lost password path. Can you attach a screenshot or copy and paste some of the error message?

You should be able to retrieve lost password emails through Local’s Mailhog integration. You can find that on the Local site dashboard > Utilities tab > “Open Mailhog”

Though Local can’t send mail out, it catches them in a global mailbox of sorts that you can view there.

@arti, I now see your other post that indicates a 404 error. I’m going to close this topic and reply there.