Login to your Host - Raidboxes.de

Answer as much information as you can so the community can get a better idea of what it takes to create a Connect integration for a new hosting provider.

Hosting Provider Details:

  • Raidboxexs (ie WP Engine)
  • https://raidboxes.io/ (ie https://wpengine.com/)
  • Describe how the WordPress site is hosted. For example:
    • Is it a traditional LAMP stack?
    • Is it containerized / I think so!
    • Any sort of infrastructure fine-tuning - Caching? Custom Search (like Elasticsearch)? etc.
  • UpdraftPlus


Would use this right away. We are a team of 3 professional WP Developers and Support ~100 WP Sites, many of them at raidboxes. We are still searching for a definitive solution for our local environments. If we could connect from local wp to raidboxes this would be a gamechanger.

Describe how the WordPress site is hosted. For example

I think raidboxes it runs nginx servers