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When I tried to download Local on my mc pc, " Looks like you’re on a mobile device!" written on the screen. But I wasn’t on a mobile device… so I couldn’t download Local app on my mac. Please help me???

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Hi @Yuna

What is your OS and OS version?

Did you try downloading from the releases page here?

I’m totally blocked from downloading by the false “Looks like you’re on mobile!” popup on desktop too.

That releases page keeps breaking off the download right in the middle, I tried 3 times before giving up. Most current version of Firefox running on MacOS Catalina.

Quite a user-hostile site they seem to have here.

If you try another browser other than Firefox does it work?

Do you have a VPN?

Is this a work computer?

Howdy y’all! Updating this thread to let you all know that Web Team has rolled out a fix to resolve issues where certain users were seeing the Mobile Device message. If you’re still seeing the same error you may need to test in a different browser or clear your cache.

Keep us posted if you still have any trouble!

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