Mac OS - Can't be reached ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

I’m experiencing the ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED error on my Mac (Hi Sierra 10.13.6)

I’ve tried turning off my firewall with no luck. I have tried other browsers to make sure it wasn’t DNS caching.

I am able to access it via the Live Link feature. Any suggestions on how I can get Local working locally?

Hi @dmcknight,

It sounds like the /etc/hosts file may not be getting updated. Curious, do you see a warning banner at the top with a “Fix It” button?

One way you can work around this is to switch Local into the localhost routing mode by going to Preferences » Advanced and changing the routing mode to localhost. For more details, see

Thanks Clay,

The hosts file was being updated with the correct info. I’ll try the local routing mode.

I’m not seeing any messages pertaining to “Fix It” or Localhost mode. Is there a way to manually set it to use localhost routing?

Update, I found Localhost Routing in the preferences and switched to that. It got hung up on “provisioning” for a long time so I just quit Local and restarted it. Now it works as intended. Thanks for your help!

Awesome, glad to hear it!

Also, now that I think about it, if ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED is the error, it sounds like Local’s routing layer isn’t able to start. The quickest way around that is to switch to localhost routing as you did.

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