[Mac] SSL issues after updating to Catalina

Local Beta 5.0.6+976.

Updated macOS to Catalina and after that am unable to view or work with any local sites due to SSL issues.

Error in Chrome: “Your connection is not private” with no option like before to ignore and proceed.

The SSL related heads-up notice does not go away no matter how many times I click the TRUST button and enter my system password.

I have tried giving Full Disk Access to Local and restarting it without success.

Any idea?

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There’s been an update to Local. Would you try the newest version and let us know if you still have SSL issues?

I’m having the same issue but with Local by Flywheel version 3.30.

My computer was due for a cleanup and OS reinstall anyway. So I did that after that there were no problems with Local’s SSL.