Magicsync in v6.0 is hidden?


I updated LocalWP to its version 6.0 but i’m not able to see the MagicSync button/option… ?

You said it was a pro feature now available to every free user. True ? or did I misunderstand something ?

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Nobody having the same question :slight_smile: ?

7 Days later...


Hi, I really do not understand this place…

I thought at least some members of the localwp team support would be of any help in such a simple question :

Is a feature announced for the last release is usable / or not ?

Maybe I was not clear, maybe the Localwp crew is really busy, IDK.

Am I the only one that cannot use the ‘MagicSync’ feature being in the free version ???

Boh… really strange place, thanks for watching.

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