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I have been using Local Wp for a long time and have never had any problems - but today I was working on a site with a supscription service and I had to test if the mails were correct - so I checked my mailhog to see them - nothing - but suddenly a customer contacted me cause she had gotten the mail which should have been contained to my local mac.

Troubleshooting Questions

This should be possible since the local wp is a closed environment - so all mails should be inside mailhog.

System Details

Local WP 5.4.2 for mac
Mac OS Ventura

Are you using a transactional mail service (e.g. Sendgrid, SES), or SMTP server? If you have one of these configured in your environment (typically via a plugin), it will still try to send out using that mail service.

I am not using any plugin to send mails - the only plugin that has anything to do with mails is sendinblue-newsletter.

But it still sends email out from my local mac - and thats kind of bad when the site is not ready yet :slight_smile:

Looking at the description from the plugin that you referenced (Newsletter, SMTP, Email marketing and Subscribe forms by Sendinblue – WordPress plugin |, it would appear that with it enabled, emails will be sent out through Sendinblue’s transactional email servers. I suspect that it’s sending ALL emails out that way, not just those related to the newsletter functionality. Here’s what it says on that page:

Transactional emails – The wp_mail() function automatically uses Sendinblue’s SMTP for enhanced deliverability and tracking

Automatic replacement of default SMTP when you use wp_mail function

I would suggest disabling that plugin on your development environment, or at least disabling the sending of emails through the Sendinblue servers – there appears to be a checkbox for this on the plugin’s page in the WP admin.

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Thanks that was the problem - I hadn’t seen that checkbox.


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