After “trusting” the certificate (and changing the urls of WordPress to https:// I can’t access mailhog:

ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR on https://[DOMAIN].dev:4055/

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Same issue here exactly. It used to work just fine until I had to trust the certificate. This is really frustrating since the MailCatcher application is such a critical tool for verifying and troubleshooting form functionality during development.

@clay - any ideas on this?

• Local by Flywheel: 2.1.2
• OS: OS X 10.11.6
• Browsers impacted: Chrome 63.x / Firefox 57.x / Safari 11.0

Hi @option8films,

Chrome recently forced all .dev URLs to redirect to HTTPS in Chrome 63.

I recommend changing the site domain in Local to .local to avoid this issue.

Sorry for the trouble!


This worked for me. Low impact, and switching it was easy.

NOTE - Make sure to trust the new certificate after changing the domain to .local :wink:

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Great, that worked! Thanks for your help Clay.

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