Problem with MailHog

Hi ,
I can’t access to Mailhog : but only for one of my websites : ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
My other sites works with no problems.
Any ideas ?

I’m on MacBook Air ventura 13.0.1
Local version 6.7.2

Hi @MarieC

Have you tried any simple reboots of Local or your machine?

Can you send us a copy of your Local Log? Retrieving Local’s Log File

Hi Nick,
Thanks for your answer : yes i try to do an entire reboot. Here is my logs. (3.0 KB)
Thanks you !

Hi @MarieC

Thank you for that!

Here are some other things you might try to access Mailhog on that site:

  • Ensure the SSL is Trusted
  • Clear your browser cache and cookies
  • Check that the site domain ends in .local
  • Try changing your Router Mode (Local > Settings > Advanced)
  • Check for Port conflicts. Here are some steps for what that can look like:
  1. Stop all sites that are running in Local

  2. Force quit Local

  3. (If using Mac) Run the command lsof -nP -iTCP -sTCP:LISTEN

  4. What you’ll be looking for here is to see when sites are stopped and Local is properly shut down if there are still programs running on ports 80 and 443. These may be conflicting with Local or the system may be reporting Local is still running.

  5. Once you run that command you should see a list of listening ports. If you see a particular program making use of those ports, you can then kill that process by running sudo kill -9 XXX where XXX is the PID number of that process.

Hi Nick,
thanks you, i try all this things. Nothing work.
The only thing i see is that mywebsite is trust (SSL Trusted) but when i click on it (WP Admin) it goes to the http adress not on https. If I change the address in the navigation bar the site works.
For ports conflicts, once Local closed: I only have 3 ports occupied (7000,5000,7679) so i don’t think this is a port problem.

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Hi @MarieC

Could you give this a try?

  • Export the site into a zip and save it on your desktop
  • Delete the site from Local
  • Restart Local
  • Re-import the site with the zip export you saved
  • See if the issue persists

It works ! Thank you !


Glad to hear it @MarieC! Thank you for letting us know. Happy Developing :green_heart:

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