Manually Moving Local Sites to work on Fresh MacOS

My Hard drive crashed but was able to recover my data. I have Local Sites folder that contains all the files for the WordPress sites. Local does not pick up sites adding them to a new Local site Folder after the fresh OS installation. What can i do to have Local pick up my sites or have WordPress pick up my wp-content files so that i do not have to rebuild the current website i was working on again. Please help!

I have tried to overwrite wp-content folder with the fresh wp-content installation folder and the wp-config.php file. Still if i launch the site, The WordPress dashboard is like a new site’s dashboard. It only recognizes the Plugins, but no media, theme and changes brought to it.

Any help will be much appreciated!!


There are a few options here. One of them would be to simply zip up each site, and then drag and drop that zip back into Local to reimport it. Another would be a more manual restore method. We have walk throughs on these here if helpful:

Thank you for your response!

I unfortunately do not have a sql folder with a local.sql file. Some of my other sites on local do. But the site i was working on last does not have a sql folder. Any additional advice perhaps?

Much Appreciated!

Unfortunately, if your Hard Drive crashed, this may have been lost and irrecoverable unless you can utilize something like Time Machine to go back before this occurred.