Migrating a Local WP site to GoDaddy host

Hi - My client has a live site on GoDaddy and wants to replace the old one with a website I am building for her now on Local.

Not sure how old the old one is or how it was built but it has Flash which no longer works and date of 2006 in footer.

She has given me her GoDaddy login so I can migrate the new site into the old site’s domain.

I have never done a migration before. I still am not ready with her new site but, would someone please point me to what I should do next and/or what documentation to follow? Thanks!

Also, if anyone is a GoDaddy user - would anyone know if my client should give me “Delegate” access (vs her account login)?

Troubleshooting Questions

Apologies if this has been asked and answerd. Maybe this LocalWP Community response is still good? : How to Migrate a Local Flywheel Hosting Account

System Details

Local 5.10.1+5267
macOS Big Sur Version 11.2.3

Attached: Local Log
local-lightning.log (253.0 KB)

I’m thinking that this response by @clay is my best answer?

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