Mixup - Local site versus live site

Hi there,
I just created my first local site on my Mac environment. My intention is to revamp an existing live site and then replace it with this new, locally developed one. For obvious reasons, I chose to use the same domain name locally that I’m using on the live site. After finishing the install, I went and opened the local site in my browser(s) and had to allow cookies. So far, so good.
I’d like to now go back and look at the original live version of the site. My problem now is that even though I shut down flywheel for local, my browser(s) is probably still looking for that identical local URL and throws me errors as soon as I try to load the original live site.
How can I prevent that from happening when trying to load the live site instead of my local version? I’ve already cleared cookie and cache :frowning:

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