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Moved site from MAMP, can access wp-admin but NOT the site itself!?

I’ve moved a site from my MAMP localhost using the Duplicator plugin. Dragged and dropped the .zip onto Local. Worked just fine … but now I can ONLY access the wp-admin part of the site and NOT the site itself. It seems to redirect to the ‘old’ site url from MAMP and NOT the (weird) local:10014 … what am I missing? Thought this was supposed to be smooth …

Have all urls in the DB been renamed correctly, or did Local screw this up somehow?

Hi @unique

What is your Router Mode set to in Local? (Local>Settings>Advanced>Router Mode)

Do you have any plugins or themes on the site that could be caching?

If you check in a different browser or incognito window are you still unable to view the front end?

It’s set to localhost. When switching to Site Domains, I see the site (.local) … but all sorts of issues arise; Only partial styling is applied and yadda yadda. Basically just turned into complete mess.