Viewing your local site

I can’t find any posts relating to the basics of viewing your site using Local by Flywheel. I point Local to my local site files folder but, when I try to view it I get the standard Twenty Seventeen theme. If I go into themes within Wordpress admin I don’t see my local theme there as I would in MAMP. Am I missing something obvious?

Local can’t open existing MAMP sites until they’re actually imported into a Local site using something like Duplicator.

Also, you will run into issues if the site domain in Local is the same as MAMP.

Please let me know if those suggestions don’t help.

Hi @clay. Thank you for your reply. It’s not actually a MAMP site, I used that as an example as that is the local server software i’m used to. I’ve literally pointed Local to a folder in my documents that contains the basics of a site I started today. Just the rudimentary files eg. index.php, functions.php etc… but to no avail.


Maybe Local doesn’t like spaces in the path perhaps?

Right, I would recommend creating a site from scratch in Local before pointing at existing folders.

For starters there has to be config directories, an app directory, and so on.

Once you create it from scratch you can then bring in the existing files and database manually or with something like Duplicator.

Alas, no joy. I’ve tried the method you’ve suggested and I’m still unable to see my site. As awesome as Local looks, especially for the multiple site feature which many others make much more difficult to do, I think I need to stick to what I know at them moment . Thanks anyway @clay, I’ll come and have another go when I have more time. I’m kicking myself because I know it’ll be something simple but, bar zipping my files each time I make a change and uploading them that way, which would be tedious, this isn’t working for me .

No worries!

One question though: when you created a new site entirely from scratch in a new directory were you still unable to view the site?

Yes, unfortunately so, else I’d carry on using Local. I’m used to seeing in WordPress themes but it’s not there at all. Do you know the path where Local saves the WordPress installation? I could go about it that way and save my site files in the themes folder. The only Local files I’m finding are in Macs hidden library but no sign of the WordPress installation.

The themes will be in your Local site’s folder app folder. That would be something like ~/Local Sites/your-site-name/app/public/wp-content/themes

Hi @clay. Big oversight on my part. I’ve actually managed to get it all working now. In short, I didn’t put the website files where I should have. A little bit of a face palm moment. Thanks very much for your help and I look forward to using the software.

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