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Mt local link not working

Hello guys pls I need help. My link not working outside my system. Showing only on my system sent same link to my client but client can’t view saying site can’t be reached.

Here’s the link http://grv4lagos.local/.
Please I need help any one pls help

Hi @Mairo0427

Live Links aren’t a permanent, live URL. It will only work while you have your Local app open and running on your machine, your site will also need to be Started with Live Link enabled.

If you’re having trouble, or if you need something a bit more permanent, you could push your Local site to a free Flywheel demo site and then share that with your client.

Demo sites on Flywheel

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Hi Nick.

Thanks for your reply. However my Mac is on and live link enabled but still can’t I can’t access the site outside my system.

Live links will provide a different URL than your .local URL.


@afragen is right also, your live link should look something like equal-spark.localsite.io

Shared with CloudApp

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