Mu-plugin errors showing after pulled site from WPE

I finally was able to pull a large site down from WPE after a few tries that ended in errors. I’m also on a gigabyte connection so I’m sure that helps with timeout issues. Anyways it completed and I am showing some errors on the screen from mu-plugin. How do I get them to disappear without delete the plugin folder. I’d like to keep it as when I’m pushing changes back to the site, I want to make sure all the plugins are included in the push.
The error:

Warning: Use of undefined constant WPE_CLUSTER_ID - assumed ‘WPE_CLUSTER_ID’ (this will throw an Error in a future version of PHP) in /Users/ME/Local Sites/local-everytuesdaydevkit/app/public/wp-content/mu-plugins/wpengine-common/plugin.php on line 14


It seems like you might want to remove the “wpengine-common” plugins that tend to be very WPE specific. I always do. It seems like Local might want to skip that directory in the future.

Good thought, I removed it from the folder and errors went away. How do I make sure that it gets ignored when pushing and pulling to WPE?


If you’re using the WPE connection to pull from, the ~/Local Sites/<site-name>/app/public directory should include .wpe-pull-ignore and .wpe-push-ignore, which exclude /wp-content/mu-plugins/wpengine-common*. You can make changes to these files locally to set your own rules, too.

If you set up a site first in Local, you can create those two files and add your ignore rules there and they should get picked up when you connect to WP Engine.

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