Multisite not working out of the box


I am running Local 2.2.4 on a Mac with 10.13.4 (High Sierra). Local is working well on single sites, but I wanted to play around with a multi-site.

Using the default blueprint I am able to install a site, view the admin and the main site. However when I add a site to the network (using a sub-domain) it fails to load the new site.

I have tried this with and without docker fast boot. IPv6 is on since on.

Any advice?

local-by-flywheel.log (66.6 KB)

Please see the end of the log for possible troubleshooting info.

I was able to solve this. After poking around in Local I noticed that next to the MultiSite line there was some green text that read:

‘Sync multi-site domains to host file’

After clicking this I was able to see my second site. Screenshot attached.

Hey @ericc,

Glad you got it sorted with the Sync button! That is the solution if you’re using multisite with subdomains.

I’ve made a note to improve this flow and possibly show a banner if the subdomains aren’t synced.