Sync multisite subdirectories

I’m just getting up and running with Local. If this is documented somewhere else, I apologize, I didn’t find anything.

I noticed that if I set up a multisite using Subdirectories, I cannot load any new sites created via WP admin. The URLs just throw a “404 Not Found” error.

However, if I set up a different mulisite install using Subdomains, I get the option to “Sync Multi-Site Domains to Hosts File” on the Local app: When I create a new site with subdomians, at first the newly created site will not load. But then I can sync the domains to the hosts file and the new site does load.

Just wondering if this is by design or if the subdirectory multisite method requires a manual sync to the hosts file?


Did you ever find out how to solve this issue? I think I am having the same issue.


Have just moved a subdirectory multisite site over to Local and I got 404s trying to view anything with the second site while running Apache, but when I changed over to nginx it seems to be working okay. At least that seems to work for me

Syncing multisite subdirectories is not needed since the routing is handled by the web server and no additional entries are needed in the hosts file.

Interesting! Did WordPress prompt you to update the .htaccess file?

No it didn’t, that’s a good point though, maybe it didn’t because it was an existing site and not a new installation

@clay - Thanks for your reply. I had stopped using Local after I couldn’t get this to work for me back when I originally opened the ticket.

I’m happy to report that I’m spinning Local back up and hoping to use it moving forward. However, I’m still having the same issue.

I am not prompted by WordPress to update my .htaccess file. I created a site under my multisite network and everything looks good from there. However, I can’t access that new site at mydomain.local/newsite.

Any suggestions?


WordPress will not automatically update the .htaccess file for multisite.

Does it work if you use nginx?