Multisite sub-sites on subdomains not loading — hosts issue

I’ve set up a multisite network from scratch on Local with subdomains. Main site is mainsite.local

When I create a sub-site as Super Admin, and attempt to load subsite1.mainsite.local I get a “server can’t be found error.”

There’s nothing in the Local logs to indicate the nature of this problem.

There’s also no sign of any site files for the new subsite within the main site file structure.

There’s also no entries in /private/etc/hosts for the subdomain — so it seems Local isn’t writing the subdomains to the hosts file on OS X?

If I add the following line to my hosts file: www.sub1.multisite.test #Local Site sub1.multisite.test #Local Site

within the:

Local by Flywheel - Start

block, they get erased when I restart the site within Local.

If I add them outside the block, then I can access sub1.multisite.test

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