Multisite Misconfiguration

This one has been twisting my melon for about 2 weeks now.

When I create a multisite local site using Local 2.2.4 (Mac,) (subdomain,) I get a warning saying the .htaccess file is missing. No biggie, I’ll just add one to it with the network settings applied for a multisite installation. Doing this will let me create a new site, but one that will never load.
So I double check the wpconfig file and I found removing the Local inserted $base = '/'; line will allow the site so far not loading, to load. But no new ones.

So I tried sub-directories instead of sub-domains and although that does work better, it’s not the right option for the site I’m making so I can’t really use it.

This is making me want to just build the multisite in a live environment on flywheel but that’s bad practice and also I’m expecting this to be a year long project I build in rare, free time so the $40 per month Flywheel will charge me isn’t really acceptable for a build site bringing no money in as yet.

I’m going to try an older version of Local now as I don’t remember this issue in the past but It’s a recurring issue I keep getting so figured devs should know. I’ve also attempted multiple reinstalls of Local and Virtual Box.

Ok, so I tested on an older version of Local, 2.0.1 I think, and it worked as it should. I noticed the php version was 5.5 so I came back to the latest Version of Local, 2.2.4 and rather than using the preferred set up, since you can’t push to flywheel with mulitsite anyway, I proceeded with a custom setup with php using the latest version and low and behold it works.

I wish I’d have thought of this sooner but if anyone else is having he same issue I hope this helps.