My website doesn't work

please help me !!! I use Local by Flywheel build WordPress.But I have a problem.
I got a URL:​ http://abbytest.local
But it does not use​ the other place.ex: I use iPad​ can’t enter this URL and Google analytics also can’t use this URL​. I had tried​ to modify URL​, ​but it did not work.​So,​ if anybody knows​ how to solve this problem, ​please answer me. thank you !!!

Hi @abbbytest1,

The sites in Local are only accessible on the device that’s running Local unless you enable the “Live Link” functionality for the site. You should see an “Enable” button at the bottom of the site info panel. If click that, it’ll give you a link you can use on other devices such as your iPad.

As far as Google Analytics goes, GA and other non-self-hosted analytics do not work well with local solutions. You’re better off waiting to set up analytics when the site goes live.