Mysqld running 100% cpu on Mac


I’ve got an issue at the moment that whenever I load up a site on Local, the mysqld process is using 100% cpu, causing everything to run very slowly and make site editing nearly impossible. I’m running wordpress sites purely.

Has anyone had a similar issue or suggest a fix?



Hi Zac,

Thanks for coming back to me, i’m good thanks, hope you are too.

So, this is a restored backup of our live site that i’m currently updating plugins and troubleshooting offline prior to upload.

Before your reply, I had actually disabled all the plugins, bar a few I needed for the bit I was working on, and CPU usage dropped dramatically (to around 0.4%). I’d also popped a bit of code into the functions.php so the gutenberg autosave wasn’t so frequent.

I spun up another version, and tried the Xdebug fix you suggested and it has helped, although i’m seeing 100% CPU usage, I can at least navigate the site and work on it, it’s not hanging like it used to. All signs are pointing to one of the plugins not behaving following the update, so i’m just going through now seeing which one it is.

Many thanks for coming back to me though, that fix has definitely helped the cause.



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