Need Help in Examining this Short Log File

Here’s the situation. The only plugin I can use for backup/migration that I’ve found to work on my current “budget host” is Duplicator Pro specifically using their new archive format .daf (which gets around the timeout issues that occur with alot of shared hosting plans.) Although this works wonders on the web hosts to create backups, I also need it to work on Local so that I can migrate successfully to the remote web host. Surprisingly, this format is not completing successfully on Local and I am not sure what to look for in this log file in order to identify the issue and solution. I’m hoping someone here can take a look and might be able to spot something. All I can see is that the PHP Time Limit says not allowed… could this be the issue?

VERSION: 3.7.1
PHP INFO: 7.1.4 | SAPI: fpm-fcgi
SERVER: Apache/2.4.10 (Debian)
PHP TIME LIMIT: [7200] not allowed
PHP MAX MEMORY: 5000M (256M default)
RUN TYPE: Manual


MYSQLDUMP: Is Supported
TABLES: total:41 | filtered:0 | create:41
RESPONSE: Ran from /usr/bin/mysqldump
SQL CREATED: 20180508_metrosuperstar_bf55a9fc1dcc58689156_20180508132951_database.sql
SQL FILE TIME: 2018-05-08 13:30:17
SQL RUNTIME: 0.303 sec.

ARCHIVE Type=DUP Mode=DupArchive

ARCHIVE DIR: /app/public
ARCHIVE FILE: 20180508_metrosuperstar_bf55a9fc1dcc58689156_20180508132951_archive.daf
DIRS: not set
EXTS: not set
FILES: not set

SIZE: 251.06MB
STATS: Dirs 1,736 | Files 13,372 | Total 15,108


There isn’t anything that’s standing out to me in this information. Does the backup just sit and churn or does it eventually throw an error?

Also, considering you’re using Duplicator Pro, have you contacted Duplicator’s support for more insight on this? Feel free to loop me into the conversation with them. My direct e-mail is

The backup seems to complete - the archive is a tad smaller than the .zip version so maybe it is just compressed differently… but throws up the error with option to view Log (which I included previously in the thread). The package is not closed however so it remains unusable.

I ran it again on this feature but excluded (filtered out) the wp-contents/uploads folder - which is where the shared hosts tend to struggle with timeouts, and it failed as well, therefore I think safe to say this is not caused by a timeout issue but what seems to be something incompatible between LbF and the .daf (DupArchive) engine being used.

I have reached out to SnapCreek directly regarding DupArchive. Thanks for your patience!

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just adding the screenshot as a visual display of what is going on ni terms of DupArchive not playing nice with Local

Have you heard back? Have they even tested their product on your platform?

Yup, I received a copy of Duplicator Pro from them.

Unfortunately I’m unable to reproduce the issue even with a large site.

Have you contacted them directly regarding this?

Thx for letting me know your results.
Maybe I’ll try again using the latest pre-release.
I had not contacted them as I had just decided to use the ShellZip engine instead.
BTW, is that engine enabled by default now in the latest pre-release?

Not yet. We will be releasing updates for both the Custom and Preferred Environments once Local 2.3 leaves pre-release.