Need to get complete SQL database for use on a new host

Need to get a complete copy of the SQL database ( not just the tables) for use in a new install on another host. How or where do I go to get the complete database?

Hey @SerenaC, Welcome to the Local Community Forums!

Local should be able to give you everything you need to deploy a site to a remote host. If you right-click on the site and select “Export”, a zip will be created that contains an export of the database as well as all of the files.

I would start by seeing if that gets you what you need.

If you are only needing to export the database, you can always export the database by using “Adminer” from the “Database” tab within Local.

You mention needing “not just the tables” – if the above things don’t provide what you need, can you describe in a little more detail what is needed to deploy the site? If you host has a help doc that you can link to, that would be helpful as well!

In most cases, the above two methods of exporting the database should get you what you need!