New Site HTTP Error 404

Good Day. I installed Flywheel and created my new website. But when I click on ADMIN or View Site, both options give me an HTTP Error 404. I did go through all the forms, on the community, but can’t get it fixed. Please assist.

@Willem The issue is probably that you installed latest version, which is 5.0.6 Beta. Install 3.3.0 (find it on this forum under Releases).

That should fix all problems.

@unlikeCoder. I’ve looked at the forum and could not find 3.3.0. I’ve installed VS 3.2.1. On installation, it gave me the following error: Virtualization disabled in Bios. Once this was enabled, Flywheel installed perfectly and works 100%. Could this be the reason why version 5.0.6 Beta was not working? Would you recommend staying on VS 3.2.1?

5.0.* is in beta. They are redogin core. 5.0 doesnt use virtualization but it is not stable enough to be a daily driver.

I think 3.3.2 is latest stable. Try updating Local now.