New Site Shortcut Doesn't Allow Blueprints

Bug Summary

When using the command + n keyboard shortcut (or File > Add New Site), you’re taken to the second step of the site creation process, meaning that you cannot use a blueprint.

Steps to reproduce

Either press the command+n shortcut or go to File > Add New Site. You’re presented with “What’s your site’s name?,” which now seems to be a second step, after you decide to not use a blueprint. “Go Back” takes you to whatever screen you were just on, so there’s now no way to create a site from a blueprint if you enter the dialog using these methods.

If you enter the add new site wizard by clicking the plus icon in the bottom left, you get the choice to ‘Create a new site’ or ‘Create from Blueprint’. The command+n and File > Add New Site methods should land on this page, rather than the second one.

Environment Info

Mac OS X 12.3.1
Version 6.4.0+5927

Supporting info

Log: Dropbox - File Deleted - Simplify your life

Hi all - just doing some forum cleanup, this issue was resolved and fixed. I’ve confirmed Cmd + n now correctly allows the user to create from a blueprint.

Thank you for the suggestion!

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