Creating a new site: Button disabled if I'm leaving name field blank + ignoring indiv. subfolders

Bug Summary

Hi, I noticed some issues if try to choose an indivual, existing folder for my projekt.
After typing the name, the App just resets my installation path for the project to the root.
Additionally it even doesn’t allow you dashes in a projects path, but it converts empty spaces corrently to dashes!

So I setup the local site domain name and the local site path by hand and left the first (name) field blank. Unfortunately I can’t go on because the “create site from Blueprint” button is still disabled.

If I’m typing in just my site name, the App resets the path to the root and ignores my sub-folder “/CustomerA”:

And in this example you can see the bug, that dashes are completely removed. But if im using just spaces in the project name these are converted to dashes as expected.

Steps to reproduce

Choose a name for a domain and an individual path, like that and left the first field blank:

It would be even better, the App doesn’t reset my local site path every time I type in an project name plus dashes would be not removed.

Environment Info

  • macOS Ventura 13.1, Local 6.6 m1
  • Nginx, MySQL