Envato Template Errror

Hi Guys! Im new to LocalWP and I just got started. I installed a few plugins, like Elementor and Envato. Now when I want to insert a template from Envato I always get following error:

I am not sure if this is actually an error from localwp or Envato, but I tried it already with a few different templates and I get all the time the same error.

Thanks for your help guys! :pray:

Hi @thorrican

I searched for Envato errors like this and found some documentation:

Checking under this section for your specific error:

API Error on template import: Sorry there was an unexpected error from API call…

One of the things they mention is that this has to be done on a live, hosted site. It doesn’t sound like from their description this will work in a local dev environment.

This jogged my memory as I think we’ve had users try to get this going locally in the past but it just doesn’t work that way:

ah okay - thats sad to hear… But thanks anyway for your efford!


No problem @thorrican!

I’ll close this out for now but don’t hesitate to reach back out if you ever need anything else!