I am new here please help

I have been looking at Local Flywheel. Do this mean you needed to install Flywheel then WordPress next your theme and finally plug-ins? Must the same password for my GroundSite web hosting and domain name need to be the same? I used something similar a few years ago.

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Hey @simonartist

Local by Flywheel is a tool to help build and maintain websites on your local machine.

This allows you to make edits to a theme, try out new plugins, or do all sorts of things that you wouldn’t want to do on a live site because you don’t want it to break.

Because of this, you should sort of think of WordPress as being installed inside of Local by Flywheel.

Once you’ve completed developing and building your site, you can connect it to Flywheel’s servers and make it available to the world! If you decide to not host your site with Flywheel, you can always export the site from Local, and use the zip file to create your site at some other hosting company.

Here are the general steps you would take to get up and running:

  1. Install Local on your local machine
  2. Create a new WordPress Site
  3. Install your theme and any plugins
  4. Once development is done – launch your site to the world!

Hope that helps clarify things, let me know if you have any other questions!

– Ben

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Hello Ben,

Thank you for your kind reply. As you say a zip file to upload will that include everything?


The zip will include a database dump as a sql file as well as the contents of the wp-content directory, which contains the plugins, themes, and uploads for that site.

Note that it won’t have the WordPress core files, so you will need to install WordPress first, and then use the contents of the zip file to restore the site.

Does that make sense?

– Ben

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Yes, I clearly understand. Thank you.


One more question, when you name the zip file should it be the same name as your domain name when uploading to third-party hosting?

At first, I was able to create a website with Local Flywheel, but when I open my mac all I get is Local Machine and cannot get behind this point.

Nothing seems to work on Mac High Sirra. I cannot get past Local Machine. I have tried all tips looking thro this discussion groups based on local Machine and virtual box. Sound like it only works for old mac and not new mac.


It is still not working well. I am having to go to VM VirtualBox Manager and have to reset everytime. I have a Mac hight Sirra 10.13.3

local-by-flywheel-2018-03-19-23-11-54.log (74.5 KB)

I’m running Local successfully on an iMac and MACBook Air, both macOS High Sierra 10.13.3
Your screenshot of the VM is identical to mine.
To get a grasp of where you are:-

When you create a new WordPress site on Local does it run OK?

If that’s OK then are you exporting from a live system to Import into Local? What plugins/methods are you using to do this?

If you are setting up manually then you must make sure the database connection is correct. On live you probably use the default mySQL port, whereas on Local you will be assigned a different one each time. This will be evident (along with username and password) on the DATABASE tab on the Local control panel (not the WP control panel). Your host for the database will be an IP address NOT localhost.


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Not sure what happen after restart all running fine


I am not running live at the moment, but will do in the future and upload to SiteGround.

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