New version Automatically Disconnect Host

Bug Summary

Every time I open I’ve to Connect Host again. It’s happening on new Version 8.2.1+6583

Steps to reproduce

Just close and repoen Local and it’ll disconnect host and ask to connect again.

Environment Info

Describe your environment.

  • Windows 11
  • image
  • Version 8.2.1+6583

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Currently I’m downgrading because it’s not easy to connect every time I open it

Hi @iaminam

Are you connecting to WP Engine? I think this might be part of the new Okta login workflow to connect but wanted to clarify.

Yes it’s okta issue. I’m also confused why they brought okta link at first I was suspicious and thought it’s hacked. I tried old version which is also breaking now

So while you’re working in the Local app it will disconnect as well? Or is it only disconnecting after you quit Local and use it again later?

Only when quit and reopen it.

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Okay thank you for clarifying! Glad it’s not happening while you are in the app. I don’t think this is a bug but intended functionality with the new Okta workflow as mentioned. I will share this with the team however to see if it’s possible to make changes down the road.

But this is very annoying like every time login even if I’ve to fix a little bug and publish it. Previously I never reconnected just once I added website.

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Hello @iaminam -

Thank you for passing this along, I can confirm this is happening for me as well. We have shared this with the Local engineering team!

I’m going to move this topic over to the Bug category.


Hello @iaminam -

Thank you for your patience.

We’ve identified the issue and merged the fix, and it will be included in the next release. :tada:

We appreciate you for reporting this!


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I instaled last version of Local Version 8.2.1+6583
My program shuts down the WP Engine server every time I close the program, can you get the previous settings back when it remembered the state.

Windows 10 Pro.

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Hi @BlackStar1991 - In case you missed it, as Sam mentioned, the fix has been added and will included in the next release!

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