Newbie help please - Environment update

I’ve been using Local to work on my first client site. Everything has seemed to be going well until today when “Environment update” came up. I cloned the site as recommended but now it is no longer secure (or was it ever and I just didn’t notice!?!) Can anyone help me to ensure my site is safe whilst I work on it?
Many thanks

Are you referring to the “not secure” notice next to the URL? In that case, you should be perfectly safe even if that notification is showing up for you.
It’s just letting you know the site doesn’t have all the certificates to protect data, but since your site is hosted on your computer rather than the internet, and you’re the only one accessing it/allowing access to it at the moment, you’re still safe to do all the development and testing you need to.
Once you upload your site for public use, you’ll definitely want to look into getting an SSL certificate, as it makes sure that user information, credit card information, and such all gets protected. Flywheel has an easy way of doing that! But for now you shouldn’t need to worry about it.
(There is an option on Local to get an SSL certificate, so that you can stop getting those warnings, but it’s not working for me. If you go to Local, choose a site, there’s a tab for “SSL” that lets you press “Trust” by certificate. You can try to activate that if you’d like.)