Problems (v2.2.0), but not only with this version

Although I really appreciate your efforts in developing a (free) local development environment, I’m really having trouble liking Local by Flywheel. To me Local seems - still, after all these versions - far from stable (working on a Windows 10 machine).

Have installed latest beta version (2.2.0), because I was curious about: ‘No longer requires admin privileges’. Always had trouble activating the ‘trusted’ SSL-certificate because of this, so I thought: oh wow, finally!

Well, regarding SSL: it’s still the same. I try activating it over and over again and I get the message “Local is requesting Administrative privileges to trust a certificate”. After clicking the button ‘Trust’ it says ‘Trusted’. However, when you go back and forth between tabs, it’s back to ‘Trust’.
Strangely enough, when I restart Local Machine, the button still says ‘Trust’, but all of a sudden Chrome browser sees the SSL-certificate as ‘valid’ (not Firefox, though).

And then there’s this thing, which was also a problem in a previous release: Local not exiting VirtualBox as it should. When I close Local it first says: “Are you sure you want to quit Local? All of your sites will be shutdown!”. Seeing the changelog it’s just an extra warning introduced, so… allright (although when clicking on the ‘X’ close button, I really know what I’m doing, and I think most people working with this do, so to be honest I think totally unnecessary). So I click ‘Yes’. However, when I want to shutdown Windows, there’s always: “VirtualBox interface has active connections”. I remember this being the same problem in some previous version. There’s no way I can avoid this, so choose “Shutdown (or Restart) Anyway”. No harm done (in a previous version as I recall, it would corrupt some of the local websites), but it’s annoying and not right, I think.

Finally, with beta version 2.2.0 installed, Local seems to just stop every hour or so. I have to restart Local Machine every time to keep working on local websites.

And in case you’re wondering: yes, I have renamed my local development sites from ‘.dev’ to ‘.test’, as I’m aware Chrome is treating ‘.dev’ sites differently since the latest browser update.

Im also having these issues with flywheel.

At first, it wasn’t starting the local machine now its started but I cannot set up an SSL. After clicking the button ‘Trust’ it says ‘Trusted’. As above, when you go back and forth between tabs, it’s back to ‘Trust’.

A little disappointed there’s no developers reply to this topic, yet.

Anyway, the problem with beta 2.2.0 installed and Local unresponsive is getting worse. It’s now like every half hour that I have to restart Local.

This seemed to have worsened after the latest Windows 10 update, although I’m not sure it’s related. What I did see was that when relaunching Local after updating Windows some files were copied to the /DRIVERS folder, but maybe that’s to be expected?

I’m experiencing this same issue: “… After clicking the button ‘Trust’ it says ‘Trusted’. As above, when you go back and forth between tabs, it’s back to ‘Trust’.”