No Sites Resolving After Local Update to 5.2.3

I updated to the latest version of Local yesterday after having the Beta version installed and working fine.

Today, none of my sites will resolve and each url has ‘/?cache-buster=#’ attached to each url.

Please advise…

Mac High Sierra 10.13.6
Chrome 79.0.3945.130
Local 5.2.3+2248

Lotta that going around…

Try going to Preferences > Advanced. If the Router Mode is set to “localhost”, try changing it to “Site Domains.”

I am getting the same error! :frowning:

Site is already set to Site domains … :frowning:

This is a problem!

Please help flywheel!

Same problem here. Had to add a new site in Local and then complete a restore. Luckily i had a recent backup to restore.

Router mode = localhost

I am back up and working as normal.

Local Flywheel Developers, Same identical problem and solution happen when I upgraded in Aug 2019 (??). Do not remember which version I upgraded from or to.


Yeah. Ended up doing the same thing … sucks though, this shit shouldn’t happen at this stage of development! Fortunately, backup, backup, backup saves the day … still sucks.

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