No such host error


All of my local sites are showing the same error message:

dial tcp: lookup optifymy.local on no such host

Does anyone have a solution to this or has encountered this previously?

Hi @growdigital,

Are you running Local on macOS or Windows? Also, are you running any type of anti-virus or internet security?

The Local domain is pointing to your loopback IP ( instead of the Local VM IP which usually looks something like 192.168.XX.100. This is usually indicative of the hosts file not updating properly.

Sorry for the trouble!

Hi @clay,

I’m running local on Windows and I’m facing the exact same problem than @growdigital with this error message: dial tcp: lookup wordpressbykrystle.local on no such host.

Also,I’m running avast antivirus and the standard window defender?

Thank You in advance!

Kind Regards


@growdigital @Krystle,

Can you both please provide your local-by-flywheel.log files? Please see “How do I retrieve Local’s log file?” for instructions on how to do so.


It’s good by my side. I finally found out that my VPN was blocking the process.

Thank you!




Glad you got it! Thanks for following up :smiley:

thanx same with me… turn of the vpn program solve my issue