Non riesco ad usare il tema Divi

Salve. Il problema si manifesta nell’importare un layout e, come da foto in sequenza allegate, non riesce a proseguire.
Grazie Lionello.

Local Version:* 7.1

Hello @Lionello!

So you installed the Divi theme on the site but it won’t import a layout correct?

It’s hard to tell from your screenshots but is it giving you any kind of error message or just timing out/stalling?

You could try boosting some of your PHP resources noted at the bottom of our help doc here:

Salve Nick-B, ho letto il link dei problemi ma non c’è alcuna voce che mi aiuti; localwp non è lento e non compaiono messaggi di errore proverò a chiedere ai costruttori di Divi se ho sbagliato in qualcosa. Grazie per la risposta ti farò sapere

Sounds good @Lionello! Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

Salve Nick-B, hanno risposto con un ultimo messaggio che credo sia risolutivo e, dal momento che non capisco nulla, ti allego la risposta:

I apologize for any inconvenience, but offering assistance in this situation is quite challenging. Since it’s a localhost environment where we lack access, providing guidance becomes almost impossible. Typically, this type of environment is intended for experienced developers who possess extensive knowledge of server configuration.

If you’re not well-versed in web server intricacies, I would recommend focusing on professional servers before delving into localhost setups. This will likely provide a more manageable and productive experience. We recommend Divi Hosting which is optimized and configured specifically for the Divi Theme.

Also, I am not sure about your current WordPress config:

(quì va l’immagine che allego)

The addresses there are to be added only if your WordPress installation is on that domain, but it clearly isn’t since you’re on localhost.

Just to provide some context, I also work on localhost, and I haven’t encountered any issues when importing pre-made layouts. Given that Divi’s code remains consistent, the only variance would arise from the specifics of how you’ve configured your hosting environment.

Trey by setting the correct address there for starters: xampp - wordpress site url not working for localhost - Stack Overflow

And if that doesn’t help, you can get a web server expert to help you configure your server. We recommend 2 grat platforms for such cases, Codeable or WP Buffs.

Codeable offers customization services from vetted Divi experts. If you are new to Codeable, you can also get a $50 coupon for your first project. Just be sure to go through our partner link here.

Questa è l’immagine

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