Not receiving WP-Admin verification email

Hello. I’m attempting to login to WP Admin via Local for the first time. After logging in, I get a “Verification Required” message asking me to check my email inbox to verify my account, but I’m not receiving it. To be clear, this is the same account I use when logging in to WP Admin normally.

It’s not in my spam folder. I asked our IT admin to check our web server to see if it’s getting blocked, but he hasn’t seen any come through.


Hey @mjoslen

The email would actually be going to Local’s internal mail folder inside Tools > Mailpit since it’s not on a live server.

We also have a help article here for creating a new user or updating your password manually to get in:

Hi Nick, thanks for the info. I didn’t realize that Local captures these emails and stores them. My alternative solution was to disable WordFence in my local instance, but that’s no longer necessary.

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No problem @mjoslen! Always happy to help here.

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