Online to Local by Flywheel?

I have a site online. I want to import it in Local by Flywheel on my machine:

1- create a site in LocalWP
2- Install WPVivid Backup
3- Create a WPVivid Backup online
4- Download the backup.
5- Import the backup in the LocalWP site
6- Export everything.
7- Site doesn’t work :frowning:

Error message: This site can’t provide a secure connection

localhost sent an invalid response.


I renamed the .htacces - doesn’t help.

In Local > Preferences > Advanced I changed the router to Site Domains. - doesn’t help.

LocalWP: 8.2.0
Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS
WP 6.4.2

Hi @josf

I’m a little confused regarding the steps you’ve listed. Are you just trying to get the site loaded into Local? Or are you now trying to move it from Local to another host?

Are you able to create a new, blank site in Local and access that? Or do you get errors?

Yes, I have a site online. Works fine. I want to import that site into my LocalWP on my laptop. I made a backup with WPVivid, and can install it in my local site. Once the backup process is finished, I get that nasty error.

Hi @josf

A couple of possible workarounds to try here:

  • We recommend the plugin WP Migrate Lite (which is free) - you could try making another backup/site export with that and see if it loads into Local. I would try to avoid including any core files or extra backup files in the export as these can confuse the native import.

  • Utilize the instructions on our help article here to open up your backup zip file and import the pieces manually: Import/Export a WordPress Site - Local

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