Performance problems on a subdirectory multisite; not database-related

Issue Summary

Large-ish subdirectory multisite. Time to first byte on a given page load varies between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. Nothing reported by Query Monitor accounts for these long waits. Directly accessing a .php file with nothing but phpinfo(); in it still produces the wait.

This is a work computer with ESET endpoint security on it, but all efforts to make the problem go away by disabling ESET features had no effect, and the problem also exists on my Windows PC, though it’s possibly less extreme there.

I regularly run non-WordPress sites with ddev locally and have no issues there; I also run ddev poweroff every time I’m about to start Local.

Troubleshooting Questions

  • I only have this one site
  • New sites work fine; this site works fine other than the long wait

System Details

  • Local 6.4.0+5927
  • MacOS 12.4 Monterey (190.8 KB)

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