Photography theme fails to install

Windows 10, localbyflywheel 5.0.6.
When trying to install theme themeforest-XW5Hpgzg-photography-responsive-photography-theme the install stops with
“Unpacking the package…
Could not copy file. Photography-v5-9-2/0 | READ ME FIRST.rtf”

Tried with Edge, IE and Chrome, running both localbyflywheel and the browser as admin.

I would appreciate any help to complete the installation.

Hey @Devanski,

Thanks for giving Local a try!

Can you provide the error logs for the site? Not the Local logs, but the NGINX error logs? Those should be found in your machine under Local Sites>[The Site Name]>Logs>NGINX. Those might provide a bit more insight on why this isn’t working!

In addition, it might be worth trying to unzip that theme file and drop it directly into the site’s Themes folder- not utilizing the installer on the admin dash.