Php 8.0.26

I need to test with the latest PHP versions, but Local only has up to 8.0.22, how can I add them?

HI @gscoolidge

What Local version are you on currently?

You might need to update your Local version so you have the latest PHP. Our default has been 8.1 since last fall.

Hi Nick, Thanks for the reply. I’m on 6.6.1+6281.

I do see PHP 8.1.x, however, what I was looking for is the specific minor releases. I do WP plugin support and I like to have the same PHP version (example 8.0.26 vs 8.0.22) when troubleshooting user’s sites.

Hi @gscoolidge

Thank you for the clarification! The short answer is that the app doesn’t support every minor version outside of what we have made available. We only have a single minor version for each major PHP version available to download in the the app. So if you wanted to test that version specifically you’d have to do a bit of manual work to compile it on your end.

There is a feature request here created and commented on by others looking for more version control: Ability to download/change specific PHP versions

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