PHP Update Stalled - Now receiving 502 error and site will not load

Issue Summary

I was having issues getting the list of WP Engine sites to load in order to push the local site. I was updating the version and PHP to try and work around the issue and in doing so, the PHP download froze. I closed the app and restarted, then the site would not load, I kept getting pop up errors and when visiting the link or admin I get 502 errors.

Troubleshooting Questions

This is just happening for the one site, the others I have in local are loading properly and I even tried updating the PHP version with no issue.

Iā€™m able to create a new site if needed, so it seems to be an issue with this one site.


PopUp Error

System Details

Local Version - 6.4.3+6116
MacOS Monterey

Log attached
local-lightning.log (653.7 KB)

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