Php7.2 --withsodium?

Hi Clay,

is sodium support compiled into php7.2?


Hi @Keith

I haven’t had a chance to play with the Sodium family of functions, but since it is bundled with core PHP modules I think it should work.

You can always take a look at the current PHP setup by clicking the “i” button next the PHP version button in Local. The site does have to be running in order to view this setup, but here’s a screenshot of the PHP7.2 site I just created:

Like I said, I haven’t tried any of the functions, but it looks like module is there, so I’d say give it a shot!

– Ben

Hi Ben,

thanks for your support! great to meet you.

Perhaps I gave up too soon. I ran this test script from Using Libsodium in PHP Projects documentation.


I also found this discussion on stack overflow

so I think I do need clay’s help



Good to meet you too @Keith ! I’d be interested in knowing more about this too.

From that SO link, it seems like you need to compile PHP with the --with-sodium flag. Here are a few things I found while searching around:

A community forum post on compiling extra extensions within Local sites: How do I compile additional PHP extensions?

And here is the libsodium link on PECL:

I’ll see what else I can find out, but let me know what you come up with!

– Ben

I was hoping clay would have dropped in on this conversation


Has anyone successfully added libsodium to flywheel? I’ve tried to do so using the docs Ben posted above but am striking out. Are there any up to date libsodium instructions anywhere I can follow?