Plugin Install Issues in Windows 10 x64 NOT Displaying In WP Dashboard Even tho Folder Has Plugin Files on Desktop

Hi Clay, this is Don again. With a new issue. The latest version of Local is running…and I have been able to add new websites without a issue. However, I’ve noticed a few other issues like:

  1. Plugin Installation/Upgrades.

Sometimes they install and upgrade properly while other times I get an error (like the one in the screenshot)…and a Different error on a fresh install…saying “Folder for plugin already exists”…yet the plugin doesn’t display in my plugins in the dashboard. They do show up in the local folder on my desktop. I even tried Manually Installing them into the plugin folder on my desktop local install. Slider Revolution and Visual Composer were the plugins in question. This Install was a completely different set of plugins showing in the screenshot. I’m a bit confused as to WHY they won’t show up in the WP dashboard…or Install properly…even tho’s it says the folder already exists. These are 2 different issues…but both appearing in the latest version install of local by flywheel from a day or two ago. I just created 2 other websites and tried to install plugins.

  1. The timeouts keep happening. The plugins load…and themes loading…HANG for a long time…and is slow to propagate. Why Is That? Why is local SLOW when it’s supposed to be FAST?

I’ll include a log also for this new install that game the screenshot error. Thanks Clay.

Blessings-Donlocal-by-flywheel.log (44.6 KB)