Plugins not staying deleted

So I’ve noticed and issue where when I delete plugins from my site they refuse to stay deleted. I delete the plugins off my site locally and then make a push up to my production site container and all the plugins are still there, they have just been deactivated.

When I pull from production the deactivated plugin files are pulled back down to my local environment and I get prompted to update all the deactivated plugins.

Is there something I’m doing wrong?

Wanting to bump this thread as this is still an issue.

Thanks for your patience with this @tnhsaesop !

My guess is that you aren’t doing anything wrong, and that there might be a stale filesystem mount on the remote filesystem.

Can you open a support ticket with Flywheel’s hosting team and let them know a little more detail like which site this is happening on and the plugins and/or themes that you are expecting to be deleted?