Pulling from Flywheel adds deleted files


I’ve tried 3 times already to pull the original site from Flywheel using Local.
When I do so it also adds deleted plugin files and themes that I removed from the live website. This tells me that what I’m pulling is not the most up-to-date version of the website.

How can I pull the live version of the site and an older version of it?

Hey @catalin – what plugins are being pulled down?

If they are the default ones (Akismet, Hello Dolly) or the default themes (TwentySeventeen…) then those are included when Local merges WordPress with the code from the site.

These aren’t activated though, but I understand that it can be confusing to see them if you have deleted them.

– Ben

It’s not about those. The ones you mention don’t even show up.

But I figured out with the support team. It seems the flywheel backup creates a full file backup periodically and it checks the database to see what’s activated or not.

I don’t like the idea to be honest