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Possible to deploy from Local to Staging, not live?

Simple question that I can not find the answer to anywhere - is it possible to deploy from Local to Staging, instead of Live?

Thanks in advance!

If you’re using Local Connect, there’s an option to select which remote environment to use. More details can be found in this help doc:

If you aren’t using Connect, then you can still deploy to any remote site you want (staging, dev, production) you’ll just need to do those steps manually!

Thanks @ben.turner! I’ve got all of this setup and I just want to ensure that if I click the “Push To Flywheel” icon that I get options to push to staging rather than overwriting anything on the live server. If somehow it does not give me that option and it does in fact overwrite live, is there a way to cancel or revert the live site?

Thanks again,

Local will prompt you before making any changes to the remote environment and will also ask which environment (staging/production).

If for some reason something does go wrong, a backup is taken of the production site before any Push. If you need to restore a site, you can do it by following the steps in this help doc:

Awesome, all worked perfectly as described! Thanks much, Ben!


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