Skip Backups When Pushing Files To Live Site

Is it possible to skip the backup when using Connect to push files to the live site? It takes way to long to push files live when I have to create a backup every time.

Also, could we switch it to where instead of “Exclude Database” it is the opposite and says “Include Database?” I’ve almost forgotten to click the box several times and nearly overwritten the live database. If I forget to push it, it’s really no big deal since I just push again and include the database. The Staging feature for Flywheel works in this manner so having this opposite throws me for a loop. Does that make sense in terms of workflow?

Thanks for your time!


This! I’ve done the same. Can we make this at least a configurable option. I rarely push DB changes from local and I know it’s only a matter of time before I accidentally overwrite my tables and need to pull a backup.