Possible to edit the config files for sites with "Preferred" setup?

Trying to "load images from production on your local environment” (this: Editing nginx site.conf file)

The problem is when I use the new “Preferred” setup, the “Local Sites --> { site } --> conf” directory does not exist. It only exists if creating a site using the “Custom” setup. So my question is, is there a way to transform an existing site from “Preferred” to “Custom”, or better yet, is there still a way for the “Preferred” setup to use the "Local Sites --> { site } --> conf --> nginx --> nginx.conf” file, or to modify the config in some way?

Hey Justin,

The Preferred set up is more of a typical Docker set up where all of that is actually in the Docker image.

If you’re wanting to edit the config I would recommend simply exporting the site (right-click on it in the sidebar) then re-importing it using the Custom environment.

When I create my environment it creates two files in conf/nginx called:

1.Am I supposed to rename taking out hbs extension?
2.Are we supposed to work in Custom setup for the nginx files to be active?
3.How can I easily checked if they are active? because "whatever I do I’m always getting: "directory index of “C:/Users/rodri/Local Sites/… s/” is forbidden

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