Private Docker Server Environment


I’ve been using Flywheel for sometime with my Macbook, and for the most part it’s been stabl(izing) as new releases have been made. However, my Macbook has been having it’s own issues and I want to move my development environment off my Mac and onto something more stable.

I’ve recently purchased an Anstle private cloud server. I haven’t yet setup too many VMs. It can do either Docker containers or full VMs.

I’m wondering how I might migrate my local Flywheel Local sites to Docker hosted on my Anstle. I still want to use the functionality and interface of Local, but the files and VM will be remote.

Has anyone moved local sites off their Mac or Windows with success to an external server to be used as described above?

That’s an interesting idea @elliota – Off the top of my head, I’m not sure how that would work, but I’d be interested to hear what you find out.

– Ben


Communicating with Docker in your cloud server is definitely possible with docker-machine. However, Local depends on many more pieces such as interacting with your computer’s file system directly.

This thread is from a while back. Any developments on getting Local to manage a Wordpress environment that isn’t entirely on your local laptop environment? The reason I want to move everything external is that my Macbook gets quite hot and uses lots of RAM when running Local/VBox. If I could work with a remote local server (in my own env), then I could avoid all the resource utilization.

I love the idea of Local by FlyWheel managing the heavy lifting in setting up and managing new sites. I just wish I could point to where those sites live.